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20 years of experience

We provide peace of mind our clients by creating innovative technological solutions that have a real impact on improving the quality of production processes in enterprises.

We provide comprehensive support at every stage of the project implementation - from the analysis of the customer's needs, through the design of the machine, its implementation at the customer's site and training of employees in the field of service, as well as after the completion of the project.

We focus on simplicity, intuitiveness and reliabilityThanks to this, for 20 years of operation, we have gained the trust of over 200 customers from over 30 countries around the world - large and small enterprises.

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... solutions with a view to the place where they will work and the goal they are to fulfill in the long term. We focus on personalized projects because we know how important an individual approach is for the client. Many years of experience, rich know-how and a professional team allow us to create reliable solutions that optimize work in enterprises.


... machines and automatic lines for filling aerosols for many industries that meet Good Manufacturing Practices (DPP). Our machines fill high and low viscosity products, gels and adhesives - incl. air fresheners, deodorants, shaving foams, oil-based products, paints, polyurethane foams and perfumes. 

We manufacture machines for the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. for the production of physiological sprays, e.g. for the nose or wounds), using the Bag-On-Valve technology. We provide Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) washing stations to beverage producers and food processing plants.


... a device at the customer's site - but only after it has been thoroughly tested at home. We start the installation process at the customer's premises with the certainty that the machine is operational. Our goal is to provide solutions that allow clients to focus XNUMX% on developing their business. That is why we train the client's employees in the operation of our machine, offering him the entire production potential at his fingertips.

We create an intuitive work monitoring system. The entire production can be monitored online, thanks to which we are able to provide our customers with quick assistance. We deliver machines with full instructions and a set of spare parts for the traditional warranty period. We also provide extended warranty periods, and we have most of the spare parts in stock so that they are always readily available.

Our values

We provide you with proven, personalized solutions, so you can focus on developing your business.


Our way of operating is simple and transparent. We build relationships based on mutual respect, trust and a thorough analysis of the client's needs. Thanks to this, we establish long-term cooperation and business relationships.


We are open minded and we adapt even proven patterns to the individual needs of each of our clients.

Our Team
Jacek Kłos

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phone:  +48 516 008 691
Kacper Kłos
VP/Business Developer

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phone:  +48 668 218 779
Joanna Połetek
Operational Director / Export

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phone:  +48 533 376 773
Sebastian Ciupek
Sales Manager / Parts & Service

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phone:  +48 668 218 842
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We are constantly looking for talented, bright people,
who want to design and build our machines together.