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Bag-On-Valve machines

We create machines that allow the production of aerosols in accordance with the Bag-On-Valve (BOV) technology, the purpose of which is to improve the quality of cosmetics, medical products and food. Thanks to the BOV technology, the product maintains all values, being separated from the propellant. Products filled with the use of BOV technology are emptied of the product even in 99%. They can also be sprayed in any direction (even when holding the can upside down).

Most of the auxiliary machines used in aerosol filling lines can also be used in BOV lines, provided they are customized and adapted to industry regulations, including special materials.


How do BOV machines work?

BOV consists of an aerosol valve with a pouch attached to it. The container is filled with gas (usually air or nitrogen), and the bag is filled with the product. The product is applied by squeezing the bag with gas after pressing the dispenser.

BOV technology is the use of compressed air to dispense the product, not propellant. Thus, by dispensing with harmful or flammable propellants, you increase the safety of the entire process.

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Why us?
Individual design

You get one hundred percent personalized, tailored technological solutions, comprehensive service and substantive support before, during and after the project.

High performance

Our offer includes devices capable of filling up to 60 cans per minute.

Durable raw materials

Most of our devices are made of stainless steel resistant to mechanical damage. Before delivering the machine to the customer, all devices undergo performance and safety tests.

Warranty service

All machines Solmatic is covered by the warranty. We also run an online warranty service. We help our clients remotely, regardless of where they are at the moment. Our experts perform periodic inspections. We have a wide range of proven spare parts, so if during the technical inspection it turns out that one of the parts should be replaced, we can perform such a service right away.

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