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Cleaning-In-Place Stations

We are a producer of modern systems for cleaning and disinfecting production lines. Cleaning-In-Place systems are a solution that allows you to increase profits and at the same time maintain cleanliness in a production plant, the inevitable element of which is contamination in the form of production residues or bacteria.


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Stationary Cleaning-In-Place stations
Cleaning-In-Place mobile stations
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Why us?
Hygiene and safety

By using our CIP systems, you can be sure of maintaining the highest hygiene standards in the enterprise. Production line washing systems allow you to keep all devices clean, thanks to which harmful bacteria and germs do not get into the products and food on the belt.

No production downtime

The advantage of CIP stations manufactured by Solmatic is the possibility of using them without stopping production. In practice, this means higher profits and lower labor costs.

Hassle-free service

The entire washing process can be controlled manually or remotely using a system specially programmed by Solmatic. Depending on the needs, we can integrate our CIP station into the existing production line so that they together constitute one coherent system.


Unwashed production lines are exposed to costly breakdowns (e.g. in the event of clogged filters by pieces of food, it will be necessary to turn off the entire production line and use the service). Regular cleaning of production lines avoids machine failures and high repair costs.

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