iconCleaning-In-Place (CIP) is a dedicated system for cleaning and disinfecting without disassembly and assembly of a production line. CIP stations Solmatic makes also allow for partial cleaning of a produciton plant by a seperated cut off of a plant, while other areas continue to produce product. CIP system is a very efficient way to keep your plant at high sanitary standard, it saves money due to elimination of most of downtime cleaning breaks and due to recycling of cleaning solutions, water and lower labour requirements.

Cleaning-In-Place is used in food, beverage, dairy, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries in which the processing must take place in a hygienic or aseptic environment. The process can be designed to be simple with manual operation, or fully automatic with all the functions controlled and managed by programmable industrial automation system. Depending on your preferance we also plug-in the CIP station into your existing automation infrastructure and make it an integrated part of your entire plant operation.

Typical cleaning with CIP station may be following:

  • Flushing to remove leftovers
  • Alcaline washing to remove fats and proteins
  • Water flushing
  • Acid washing to remove mineral leftovers and to neutralize
  • Final flushing with cold water

CIP is a closed system where the washing solution is recirculated. It cleans and desinfects the plant eficiently, and saves your money.

Stationary CIP Station

Cleaning in Place

Product range:

  • Mobile CIP stations
  • Complex CIP stations industry specific