Customer: Russia
Date of implementation: Q1, 2020


Purpose of the project: Cap packer

The aim of the project was to design and build an innovative machine for packing aerosol caps into boxes in an organized form. One of the leaders in the production of caps in Europe has contacted us since some time faced the problem of complaints from customers due to deformed caps breaking during deposition. The new device should operate at a capacity of 60 pieces per minute.



We started working on the project with an analysis of the customer's production process. We found out that the deformation of the caps is caused by packing them too quickly and in a disorderly manner after removal from the mold in the injection molding machine. As a consequence, the plastic was still warm, and therefore more malleable and prone to deformation under uneven pressure.

Then we researched the market for the used cap packing boxes, so that the newly designed machine was as versatile as possible and could also be used to help other customers in the industry. Therefore, to solve the problem, it was crucial to solve two problems: the flexibility of the warm plastic and ensuring an even distribution of pressure acting on the caps. To ensure an even distribution of forces acting on the caps in the box, it was necessary to arrange them in an orderly manner - in layers. 

We always try to use our extensive experience and use proven solutions or their elements in prototype machines. To transport the caps between the injection molding machine and the packing machine, we used an elevator system and our standard cap sorter with a conveyor, which are usually used in a set with a cap jigging machine. At the same time, we also analyzed the number of caps packed by the customer in a single box to select an arrangement of caps on each layer, ensuring the optimal use of the hull volume. The number of caps in successive rows of each layer is counted down by means of a set of sensors and actuators. After laying the entire layer on the preparation platform, the caps are picked up and transported to the box using a special gripper with suction cups controlled by a servo drive. The gripper can be easily replaced depending on what diameter of the cap the customer wants to pack. We solved the problem of too high temperature of the caps with the help of a special cooling system installed in the set of elevators.



The installation of the machine brought the customer a number of benefits. Not only automated the production process in the packaging area (so far packing was done by hand, including the countdown of caps), but most of all eliminated the problem of complaints about deformed caps.

also the device meets the performance requirements, which can be easily raised to over 100 pieces per minute. The installation of the packer brought too big logistic savings - thanks to orderly packaging we managed to fit 23% more caps in the same boxes than in the case of the old method of packing!

The above implementation is an example of solving a problem in the aerosol industry from the side of the supplier of elements, but our offer also includes machines that allow you to solve the problem of deformed caps on the part of customers involved in the production of aerosols. Both private label holders and aerosol contract fillers will benefit.


Machines used in the project:

1. Automatic cap stacker WCZ
2. Cap sorter
3. Cap elevator


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