Customer: Denmark
Date of implementation: Q3, 2021


Project objective: Pick & Place cap embedding machine


The client asked us to provide a system for automatic attachment of caps to aerosol cans. The problem he struggled with was the low quality of the caps provided by the manufacturers of these elements. Many of them were deformed as a result of packing too quickly in an unorganized manner after being removed from the injection machine.

For the smooth operation of conventional jigs, the shape and repeatability of elements are key. If the elements are not regular, there is a risk that the caps will break during installation. This is exactly the problem with our client, which is why the customer was unable to use the current jig. 

We knew we had to approach this process in a completely new way to ensure smooth deposition with uncertain quality caps. Our design team in cooperation with experienced mechanics designed an innovative cap grasping system, which restores the cap to its regular shape upon insertion, which allows her trouble-free seating. The system consisted of a cap elevator, a cap sorter and a jigging machine.




We started work on the project by testing the cap samples that we received from the client, using conventional indexing and rotary jigs. Our machines usually work without problems even with slightly deformed caps - unfortunately in this case the caps deviated from their regular shape to such a large extent that it was necessary to create a new machine.

We started the process of building the machine with the analysis of solutions used in other industries and with the creation of several concepts for gripping, forming and guiding caps. After testing various grippers, we chose the final solution that was used in the end device. After the assembly was completed, additional tests were carried out on the finished device in order to ensure smooth operation with various types of caps and optimization of operating parameters in order to achieve the assumed efficiency of 60 pieces per minute.



During research and development we have created a new device for embedding caps, solving the problem of deformed caps / aerosol caps, which not only our client was struggling with, but also many other companies in the industry.

Thanks to the installation of the jig created by Solmatic, it was possible to eliminate the cap breaking effect in 100% during the setting process. Previously, the cap loss ratio was double-digit, and as a result, the client often decided to perform manual embedding by employees, which required additional labor for a tedious job that should be fully automated.

This is another machine in our offer that deals with the problem of deformed aerosol caps, this time from the end customer's point of view. A few years ago, we created a machine for evenly stacking caps in layers in boxes - this machine is currently in operation at our client from Russia, which is one of the largest caps manufacturers in this part of Europe. The said machine brought the customer a number of benefits that you can read about here  - among others nearly 25% savings on transport.


Machines used in the project:

  1. ESN cap elevator
  2. SCZ cap sorter
  3. Pick & Place OPP cap embedding machine


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