iconOur offer of custom made machines is a response to needs of our clients, who come to us with variety questions how to improve elements of their production processes. We analyse their need and offer a simple or complex solution that may not exist in other locations.

We deliver custom designed services to number of industries. Our client may be a large international or a local shop, the task may be well defined or just in the defining stage, or just an improvement.

Most often the projects deal with packing of bulk materials, gels, liquids, gases, as well as cuting, testing, separating, coding, glueing, as well as quality control. We cooperate with reknown suppliers of machines components, like drives, process controll, automation, pneumatics, and always adjust to clients expectations and standards.

In more complex situations we deliver industrial robots.

Dedicated Solutions

Product range:

  • Assembly systems
  • Packaging solutions
  • Sorters
  • Screwing machines
  • Robots industry specific