iconSolmatic manufactures complete automatic lines for aerosol filling. They usually include a number of modules that can vary depending on individual needs of the customer. For traditional aerosols they usually embrace: feeding table, conveyor system, rotary/linear filling module, valve insertion with sorting, crimping, gas filling, checking weight, water bath testing, actuator placing, cap placing, case forming, receiving table. Lines for making other aerosols, like polyurethane foam,  include can shakers, cartoon box shakers and professional foam cross adjuster placers. We also manufacture fully equipped gas houses for safe LPG filling into aerosol cans as well as gas and product pumps.

Our lines work in number of industries: pharmaceutical, food, perfume and deodorants, veterinary, chemical and technical aerosols, car care, paints and varnishes, insecticides, polyurethane foam and LPG.

One of the key characteristics of aerosol manufacturing line is its performance efficiency. Clients often expect straightforward answer to line capacity, and it is not easy to give. Aerosol line peformance very much depends on the physical parameters of the product made. In other words: the greater the volume of the product filled the more time is required for filling, the same applies to gas filling, the type of the product also makes a difference, alkohol-like products will fill much faster than those oil-like, foaming may also slow the process.

Solmatic also provides a range of machines dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, such as for bag on valves and asthma inhaler valves (pMDI).


Product range:

  • Fully automatic lines up to 120 cpm
  • Semi automatic lines up to 20 cpm
  • Lab scale equipement